Fame is Upon Us… Right?

Heh Heh.  Soooo incredibly, umm, what was the old word for happy?

So this isn’t a stab at comics that are funnier than ours yet drawn like complete shit.  It’s an uh… allegory for gays in the military that have superhero friends that uh…

Actually, yeah it is.   Damn all you stick figure comics that are hilarious, even though you talk about stuff that would make my Grandma mad at me if I were to do them.

And here’s to hoping she doesn’t see this one.  /cheers

I have relented on my self-imposed ban on my old comics.  I have uploaded them to the archive for your viewing displeasure.  It is my intention to separate them through the navigational system soon, so that when somebody clicks “first”, they don’t go all the way back to ‘05.  It may be a few days before I work it out though, lol.

Woo!  The Nonsense is back!  Wait, what do you mean, you don’t remember there ever being a Nonsense in the first place?  Well, screw you buddy.  Seriously though, once a week, time permitting, I’ll be drawing this and Fuzznuts.  I have a new baby in the house, so anymore than that is definitely too much.  I have currently put a pause on any writing and video game playing, and have just been messing with these comics and sites in my spare time.  Fun stuff, really.

I’m really just writing this to have something underneath the comic blog.  The page felt naked without something down here.  That being said….



I hope the Colts win the Super Bowl this year, and also that Bret Favre actually hangs it up.  Although the latter doesn’t appear likely.