Fame is Upon Us… Right?

Heh Heh.  Soooo incredibly, umm, what was the old word for happy?

So this isn’t a stab at comics that are funnier than ours yet drawn like complete shit.  It’s an uh… allegory for gays in the military that have superhero friends that uh…

Actually, yeah it is.   Damn all you stick figure comics that are hilarious, even though you talk about stuff that would make my Grandma mad at me if I were to do them.

And here’s to hoping she doesn’t see this one.  /cheers

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  1. Zack Granstaff

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOO! MISTER FISTER!!!!!! I would so wear that shirt!

  2. lilymu12

    I think I like the staple shirt better.

  3. Chris W.

    I do like the staple shirt. Now if only I had enough money to buy one of my own shirts. Zack, give me moneys!

  4. RayGrl

    Mankini? Heck no! lol I only like the Staples shirt cause its red/. I’ve been liking red stuff alot for some reason. lol

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